Arts and Craft Glue – 5L


Arts and Craft Glue – 5L.
High quality adhesive
Suitable for DIY, hobby, craft and school projects
Fast drying
Applications: Paper, cardboard, cork, most types of woods and wooden materials
Suitable and safe for children
Can be applied to one surface only and joined immediately
VAE based adhesive
How to use:
Surfaces should be clean, smooth and free of dust.
Apply Parrot Arts & Craft Glue.
Clamp for a minimum of 30 minutes with appropriate tools if applying to wood. Under normal conditions the article can be handled after 1 hour.
Total bond strength is reached after 24 hours. Close the cap after use

Not suitable for bonding plastics ,coated papers, coated & synthetic woods or melamine, or for load bearing applications
Ideal temperature range is 15°C-25°C

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Weight 05.40 kg
Dimensions 29 × 14 × 18 cm
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